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In accepting goods from the customers order and delivery at the same time, have an obligation to abide by the following terms of the deal, you before BUYUAE order or accept BUYUAE before delivery, please carefully read the following terms:

The order of commodity prices will be subject to BUYUAE online price when you place an order.

Please clearly and accurately using the fill in your real name, delivery address and contact information. Due to the following situation order delay or unable to distribution, etc.,BUYUAE will not bear the responsibility:

Provide false information and detailed address;

The goods delivered to no one sign after receiving items, the resulting costs of repeat distribution and related consequences.

The force majeure, such as natural disasters, traffic martial law, unexpected war, etc.

Security, whether you are telephone ordering goods or online ordering goods, we will ensure the safety of trading information and authorized by the BUYUAE staff processing your order.

Privacy, BUYUAE respect your privacy, in any case, we will not sell your personal and order information or disclosure to any third party (except the national judicial organs obtain).We get from web site or telephone all the customer information is only used to deal with your order.